Dr Pradeep Singh

Best ENT Specialist in Hyderabad –  Dr Pradeep Singh is a Senior Consultant Head and Neck & ENT Surgeon with more than 18 years of experience in otolaryngology

Dr. Pradeep Singh is a Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Head & Neck and ENT Surgery, Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad. He possesses hands-on experience in sinusitis treatment, nose, head & neck and ENT surgeries. Dr. Pradeep has more than 18 years of experience in his field. Dr Singh has worked at some of the leading hospitals in Perth & Brisbane – Australia, and Singapore for a cumulative period of around 10 years – out of which, for nearly about seven years, he worked as a Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon in Launceston, Australia and performed more than 3000 major & minor Head & Neck Cancer as well as regular ENT surgeries. Subsequently, he moved back to Hyderabad. His areas of expertise include head and neck oncological surgeries, skull base surgeries and endoscopic sinus surgeries.

Best ENT Specialist in Hyderabad

Best ENT Specialist

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@1I was suffering from Cough & thick saliva from last 20 days. I visited so many doctor and taken the prescribed medicines. But there was no improvement. Finally I got a change to meet with Dr. Pradeep in Continental Hospital, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. He found out the problems and suggested some medicines within a week I was fit and fine. So I strongly recommend him for ENT Issues.
Lalith Choudhary
I had a very good experience with Dr Pradeep. He gives time for us to tell our problems and he listens everything and explains very much in detail about the root cause of the problem. He is fluent in Telugu also. I strongly recommend him for ENT.
Dhanunjay K
Very satisfied with the doctor. He gave complete time and provided with all necessary information required. Follow up done by him and his team was also very good. One can surely trust him with all his efficiency n experience
Aryan Singh Saluja
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