Myths and Facts about Mood

Myth: Music always lift your mood.

Fact: Music improves your mood, but it is not always because according to some research studies moods of people improved only when they listened to some type of music, but their mood didn’t change when they listen to instrumental music.

Myth: Exercise makes your mood bad.

Fact: Exercise helps improve your mood by improving blood flow; creating new neurons and improving dopamine and serotonin levels.

Myth: When smokers quit smoking they feel better and are in good moods.

Fact: Smokers cannot be in better moods when they quit smoking especially when they struggled to quit smoking, but anyway they did it. However, they can be in better moods only after they successfully quit smoking according to a planned smoking cessation therapy.

Myth: A change in weather doesn’t have any effect on your mood.

Fact: A change in weather affects your mood.

Myth: Seasonal affective disorder is a weather-related mood disorder that occurs in summers.

Fact: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that can occur any time of the year as it is due to variation in the amount and duration of sunlight. Therefore, it can occur during winter when days are shorter and intensity of sunlight is low and also during cloudy days and even during summer as well.