Is it possible to know whether something is not going well in your body? Yes, it is, but you have to pay attention to the signs and symptoms to know whether something is not quite right within your body. This is true even for life-threatening health conditions like cancer. The following information will help you in understanding the early warning signs of cancer. Be smart as far as noticing anything that could be as serious as cancer. If you suspect anything serious, don’t delay in approaching your doctor and get it checked as soon as possible to prevent future complications. Always remember one thing – a disease whether it is serious or not could be treated if it is spotted early – and cancer is no exception.

Loss of appetite: Cancer affects your appetite by altering your metabolism – owing to which you feel less hungry and too full to eat. This may be the case with stomach, colon, liver, pancreatic and ovarian cancers. This is one of the signs of cancer, but even other health conditions like severe cold, flu and viral infections can make a person feel less hungry. Therefore, it is better to approach a doctor if you have any other accompanying symptoms of cancer.

Blood in the stool: If you spot blood in stool it may be due to bleeding somewhere in the gastrointestinal tract – colon, rectum, stomach, intestines or esophagus. The bleeding may not always be due to cancer as some other conditions like sores, ulcers, infections or hemorrhoids can also cause bleeding. Whatever may be the cause of blood in the stool it needs to be checked out to rule out cancer.

Persistent Cough: Persistent cough is a sign of lung cancer if you are a smoker. The other symptoms of lung cancer associated with cough include fatigue, fever, shortness of breath, weight loss and chest pain. The other conditions like severe cold, throat infection and flu can also cause cough. Therefore, no need to worry if the cough doesn’t last longer.

Extreme fatigue: It is not the regular fatigue which could be due to a sleepless night or change in your activity level, but it is the type of extreme fatigue which is persistent. It does not go away easily even after taking ample rest, sleeping or eating healthy and nutritious food.

Fever that rise and fall: A fever usually indicates a symptom of illness, but some types of cancer can cause fever. If you have persistent fever or a fever that rises at the same time or the one that often rise and fall throughout the day, then it could be alarming. High and persistent fever may also be due to infections – therefore, it is better to consult a doctor to rule out cancer.

Lump in the neck: A lump in the neck is an indication or an early warning sign of cancer especially in people who consume tobacco and tobacco-based products. A lump in the neck could also be due to an infection, but it may be an early warning sign of thyroid, throat, mouth and larynx cancers especially in individual who are at increased risk owing to their lifestyle.

Trouble swallowing: One of the common signs of throat cancer is swallowing difficulty and finding it hard to swallow food even if the food is soft. Even cancer of the esophagus can cause swallowing difficulty, but it is less often. A feeling of uneasiness in the throat can also be due to heartburn. Whatever may be the case, if you notice something unusual in your throat and it is getting worst day by day, then it is the high time for you to consult a head and neck surgeon.

Unexplained weight loss: This is one of the common signs of cancer of any type. It has been found that as many as six out of 10 individuals who are diagnosed with cancer have lost weight without any apparent cause. Therefore, if you have three to four of the above signs and symptoms along with any other obvious symptom, then get checked at the earliest.

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