Habits of Healthy people

Strength-training Exercises: Weight lifting, push-ups and lunges strengthen your muscles and build endurance. Strength-training exercises help in burning calories and building muscle mass. Involve in these workouts for at least twice a week to give strength to your body, heart, muscles and brain. If you are leading a sedentary life, then jumpstart strength-training today for a better tomorrow.

Head Outdoors

Moving around is good not only for your heart, muscles and bones but also for your mood. Healthy people do this regularly. Just a few minutes walking outdoors in sunshine is enough to increase vitamin D levels – which is good for your bones, muscles, heart and mood. According to several research studies those who move around and head outdoors regularly in the urban green spaces are less agitated, less anxious, energetic and healthy compare to their counterparts who lead idle life.

Keep Balance

This is something many of us normally don’t understand. In a nutshell, it is nothing but maintaining your body active and agile by regular muscles toning and balancing exercises. Walking and jogging in the morning hours can help you keep balance and if you want to tune further, then Yoga and Taichi work wonders for you. If you are good at keeping balance, then you have toned muscles, athletic body, better posture, a healthier heart and huge confidence. For healthy people keeping good balance helps them remain active for long and minimizes the chances of fall and fractures.

Be Mindful

Awareness of what you are doing is good for your work as well as your mind. If you become mindful then you will stop doing unwanted tasks – and according to several studies, mindfulness helps in relieving stress, anxiety and pain. Regular meditation and concentration building exercises can change the way you handle your anger, anxiety, emotions, memory and learning. Even simple tasks will become pleasing as long as you do them mindfully.

Take an Exercise Break

Be alert, take stand and just move on – don’t give any excuses. Rather than sitting and talking over a cup of tea or coffee, it is better to take a break for exercise. To begin with getting into the groove may be quite difficult, but beginning slowly will help. Remember 20 to 30 minutes of walking six days a week can make you great within a few months.

Go Offline

Nowadays it is difficult to pay heed to pretty small things as everyone is so busy that the task as simple as keeping the phone aside seems a bit difficult. But it makes sense if you develop a habit of going offline now and then. Checking emails, a lot, browsing through internet, and checking Whatsapp messages not only consume lots of time, but also make you restless. Therefore, develop a habit of going offline and cutting back onscreen time to free sometime for doing some other vital tasks. If you still have time after going offline, then visit your close friend, do some household chores or read a good novel or book.