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The visit to an ENT specialist or Head and Neck Surgeon is quite different from a visit to a general medical practitioner or General physician as the complete physical examination done by a famous ENT specialist in Hyderabad is different. To be precise, an ENT specialist uses sophisticated instruments to approach and visualize difficult to assess areas of your ear, nose, and mouth for a better examination.

Snoring can be a minor problem or a major health issue if it is due to obstructive sleep apnea. If it is a mild snoring secondary to weight gain, it can be dealt with some lifestyle changes such as avoiding smoking, alcohol and sedatives and by sleeping on the side and losing weight. And, if snoring is due to structural changes in the Nose, Uvula and palate, then surgery is the best option.

Chronic mouth breathing and snoring in children is a problem overlooked by most parents. It is not normal for your child to snore or mouth breathe all the time. The commonest cause for these kinds of symptoms may be enlarged adenoids or tonsils. Uncommonly it could be secondary to a deviated septum inside the nose. It is advisable to seek opinion of an ENT surgeon at the earliest.

Unfortunately the risk of developing an oral (mouth) cancer in a gutka/Khaini/Tobacco chewer is pretty high. India has the dubious distinction of being called the oral cancer capital of the world.

Any non-healing ulcer which does not disappear even after taking medications for more than 2-3 weeks especially in a gutka chewer; progressive inability to open the mouth completely; Painful movement of the tongue or increasing intolerance to hot or spicy foods would require the urgent attention of a famous ENT Specialist in Hyderabad.

Any lumps or bumps in the neck, whether it is from the thyroid or not need to be examined. Most often than not Thyroid swellings turn out to be non-cancerous. However, a thorough check up by your ENT Surgeon is mandated. Simple tests such as an ultrasound can be very helpful. Some of the suspicious cases may be asked to undergo a needle aspiration test called FNAC which lays all doubts to rest.

Fortunately the incidence of head and neck cancers in children is very rare. However, acute painful swellings in the neck would require immediate attention as this could be a sign of Lymph node enlargement mostly due to any upper respiratory infection. The child in this case usually has associated fever and severe pain. Depending upon the severity of the infection, the treating Pediatrician or ENT Surgeon may advise oral or intravenous antibiotics.

Any upper respiratory infection can end up infecting your sinuses (air-filled cavities close to the nose and eyes). During the acute phase, the patient usually complains of nasal obstruction, thick nasal discharge, post nasal drip, throat pain, and heaviness of the head with tenderness around the eyes and cheek. Most of the times these symptoms can be treated with antibiotics and nasal washes. However, if the symptoms recur again and again over a period of time with at least a few of the symptoms described, then your ENT Specialist may advise investigations, such as a CT scan of your sinuses.

Nasal Polyps are pale tissue growths arising from the sinuses resembling grapes. These are usually seen in patients suffering from Nasal Allergies and Asthmatics. The patients usually complain of nasal obstruction – and, in worst cases, reduced ability to smell. Mild nasal polyps can be controlled with Steroid nasal sprays, but larger ones end up requiring Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

Chronic ear discharge sufferers over a period of time develop hearing loss which if not controlled will lead to irreversible damage. Ear discharge usually comes through a perforation in the ear drum which could have been caused by external trauma, Infections in the ear or via infections in the nose. A perforation in the ear drum exposes the delicate middle and inner ear to water, sound and dust contamination. Tympanoplasty – a surgery wherein a small graft is used to close the defect can be performed under anaesthesia.

The answer is no! Please avoid manipulating the ears as cotton buds can not only push wax deeper into the ear canal causing accumulation of wax. It can also cause damage to the ear drum leading to a perforation. In some cases excessive cotton bud usage leads to thinning out of the delicate ear canal leading to severe pain.

Ears have a self cleansing mechanism; therefore you do not need to clean the ears. The outer part of the ear can be gently wiped with a wet napkin or towel. Contrary to popular belief wax in the ears is healthy as it prevents infections, dust and foreign body from entering into the ears. It helps maintain the delicate pH balance in the external part of the ear as well.