Cracking knuckles: This habit of yours not only make you feel anxious but also disturb your colleagues and co-workers. From the health point of view as well, it is not good for you. If a person does this all the time, then they will suffer from inflammation in the hands and loosening of grip over time. The hands and finger may become swollen too.

Nail biting: This is literally a very bad habit as it damages the skin around your nail bed and make you prone to infections. When you repeatedly put your fingers in your mouth and bite nails, the microbes bound to your nails may enter your mouth and cause infections such as gastroenteritis, flu and common cold. Most people who develop this habit could be in stress – and if it is the case, then they should adopt alternative ways to manage stress such as exercise and meditation or seek medical help to manage stress.

Sleep deprivation: Sleep deprivation can make you a living dead. If you don’t sleep properly or have disturbed sleep or inadequate sleep, then you may become prone to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, forgetfulness and depression. Learning new things, your day to day activities, remembering things and keeping a track of all your activities may become quite difficult. And therefore, ensure that you set a routine sleep and wake up time and be prompt to get with it. At the most you must sleep for at least seven to eight hours daily.

Excessive usage of headphones: Loud noise from earphones is not safe for your ears. It is therefore better to keep the volume of your headphones just below 75 decibels which is equal to normal conversation noise (60 decibels). Continuous listening songs even at normal levels of sound for long hours is not good either. If a person is around loud noise most of the time then he or she may lose hearing as they age. Majority of the people by age 75 lose hearing as brain tissue begins to disintegrate.

Surfing Internet prior to sleeping: Research studies have shown that individuals who prefer sitting and working during night under bright light are at an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and prostate and breast cancer. Therefore, unwinding prior to going to bed is a must for all. The best bet would be to close all the lights at least two hours before going to sleep. Furthermore, keeping the bedroom dark by preventing even a slight ray of light and reading a book will also help. Electronic gadgets such as computers, phones, TVs and laptops emit blue light. sleep gets disturbed by such light. Therefore, shutting of smartphones, laptops and computers at least two hours before sleep will help induce better sleep.

Sitting for long hours at desk: Sitting for long hours on chair is not good for your health. Majority of Indians spend their productive time sitting at their computer desk and working continuously for hours together. Sitting for long hours may slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight. Your risk for heart disease may also increase. You can fix this issue by taking measures such as moving around after every hour and by taking intermittent breaks. In addition, regular walking will also help.