We are continuing from where we left – In our previous blog we have already discussed about the ways that help keep air inside your home clean. We are not going to do something very special here, rather make some necessary changes in our day-to-day chores and the activities that we do. The following are a few of the necessary measures that you can take to make your home environment healthy.

Be Careful While Throwing Leftovers

Don’t forget that there are other living creatures whose survival depends on the food you eat – cockroaches are one such creatures. They thrive on the food you throw away in dust bins. Which means if you devoid them of the leftovers, you can become successful in curtailing their growth. To ensure this cover the leftover food in a wrapper and throw it in an airtight container or in a dust bin that has lid on it.

Get Rid of Cockroaches

Apart from the living ones even the dead cockroaches are also the deadliest – because when they die, their bodies breakdown into small bits and pieces. The disintegration process spreads the particles into the air – even their excreta also disintegrates and spreads in the air. The bits then settle down on the surfaces of beds, pillows, curtains and fabrics – and trigger asthma and allergic attacks. Therefore, it is better to get rid of cockroaches by employing good means, but not sprays, as they are harmful and capable of triggering allergies.

Don’t Allow Pets Inside bedrooms

The skin of pets and the fur carry lots of dust, spores, pollen and other allergens. Children love fluffy texture of their hides and thus carry them all the way to their bedrooms. This may cause trouble for them especially when they are susceptible to allergies or have asthma or rhinitis infections. Therefore, it is better always to keep pets away from bedrooms and the areas of the house where you spend quality time. If you think that it is a quite difficult proposition altogether – then at least bath your pets regularly – and then dry them completely. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the areas where they frequently spend time.

Don’t Ignore these areas of your house

Many a times most of the vulnerable areas remain uncleaned due to our negligence or carelessness. Though many of us take diligent measures to clean, yet don’t pay utmost attention to the areas that are on top of the cabinets, besides sinks and below wash basins both in kitchen and bathrooms. Clean them frequently with warm soap and water. In addition, go around your house and look for other potential areas that are ignored from being cleaned. If you find any surface that is greasy, spotty and with food stains, water and other marks, clean it too. Wash your pet’s dishes regularly.

Wash Bed-sheets, Blankets and Rugs Weekly Once

Pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, linen and rugs carry mites, dust, pollen, dander and molds that can cause breathing problems in susceptible individuals. Therefore, clean them in warm water. And, avoid using pillows that lack covers and don’t have zip-off covers as they collect pollen, dust and mites and are difficult to clean.

Pay Attention to Your Furniture and Curtains

The fabrics and furniture cover that are made of cloth carry dust, dander, pollen, mites and other allergens. If you leave in an area where the surrounding remains dusty all the time, then consider changing cloth covers with vinyl or leather. Individuals suffering from allergies and asthma should also consider changing their cloth curtains with hang blinds and clean them regularly.

Don’t Use Carpet – Instead Prefer Easy to Clean Flooring

Carpet collects dust, mites, molds, dander and spores and affect breathing. Therefore, it is better to avoid using carpets – prefer wooden flooring instead as it don’t collect dust as the way carpet does. In some areas use soft throw rugs – which can be cleaned in washing machines. If you still prefer using carpets which are difficult to remove for cleaning, then clean them with a top-quality vacuum cleaner with a small particulate or HEPA filter. However, whenever it deems to be cleaned professionally, then take the service of a certified service provider.

Fix all Leaks

These are common and can happen anywhere in the house – sinks, showers, toilets, geysers, refrigerators, tanks, storage cans and dishwashers. Molds and cockroaches flourish when they find wet surfaces formed due to water leakages. Which means even a single leak is a potential source for inviting molds and cockroaches inside the home. Therefore, fix a leak as soon as you spot it and know how to fix it – or else take the services of a plumber. Last, but not the least – when the weather’s nice and pollen counts are low, open windows and doors to freshen things up.