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How Does Nipah Virus Spread to Human Beings?

By | May 30th, 2018|Health Tips|

Does this Cause Cancer?

By | May 28th, 2018|Health Tips|

Which Conditions can Make Your Head Spin

By | May 26th, 2018|Blog|

Vertigo can upset both your balance and stomach: When you feel the space around you is spinning, it can make you off balance and most importantly upset your tummy as well. The conditions that affect your brain can cause vertigo, but most often vertigo is caused by the conditions that affect your inner ear. Labyrinthitis [...]

Conditions That Cause Vertigo

By | May 24th, 2018|Health Tips|

How Your Personality Can Affect Your Health

By | May 21st, 2018|Blog|

Extrovert: Extrovert are people who love to be with others – which means they socialize a lot and spend more time with others even strangers. This trait is beneficial in many ways. Research studies have shown that people who socialize a lot have stronger immune systems as they are less likely to suffer from common [...]

Home Remedies for Sinus Headaches

By | May 18th, 2018|Blog|

Mouth Cancer and Throat Cancer Prevention

By | May 17th, 2018|Health Tips|

HbA1c Test for Diabetes

By | May 16th, 2018|HEALTH BLOG|

HbA1c test is an indicator of diabetes and can also indicate people with prediabetes Let us understand what HbA1c is and why it is used in the diagnosis of diabetes apart from the regular blood glucose test that helps in knowing the levels of blood glucose. Before understanding this test, knowing about haemoglobin and how [...]

Ear Infection Symptoms

By | May 12th, 2018|Blog|

Ear Infection symptoms Sometimes we assume ear infection to be due to cold or common cold may be causing ear infection. Whatever may be the cause of your ear infection, you should know whether you have an ear infection or cold. Read Ear Problem or a Cold to understand it better.

Muscle Cramps – Try These 7 Most Effective Home Remedies

By | May 10th, 2018|Blog|

Muscle cramps have become very common as  you  often witness people experiencing them in your surrounding and sometimes  you may also experience them. You may experience pain suddenly without receiving any warnings and don’t even have time to adjust when muscles cramp. Muscle cramps are often accompanied with severe pain, inflammation and sometimes swelling in the affected region. Muscle [...]