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Thyroid Cancer Facts

By | March 31st, 2018|Health Tips|

Risk Factors for Thyroid Cancer

By | March 29th, 2018|Health Tips|

Sinus Headaches

By | March 28th, 2018|HEALTH BLOG|

Sinus headache are air-filled spaces behind the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and forehead. Sinuses drain mucus into the nasal passages when they are normal, but due to allergy, cold or bacterial infections sinuses become a budding ground for the microbes – as a result microbes flourish and cause infection and disrupt the normal & [...]

Never Ignore these 14 Silent Oral Cancer Symptoms

By | March 26th, 2018|Health Tips|

Oral Cancer Facts

By | March 24th, 2018|Blog|

Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

By | March 22nd, 2018|Blog|

E-Cigarettes: They glow as you puff and release vaporized mist or fog like smoke that gives immense calming feeling to you.They give the same feel to the smoker, but the cause for concern is – are they really safe?Let us understand the exact concept of e-cigarettes, health risks associated with their usage, clinical research and [...]

How to Manage Headache at Home?

By | March 20th, 2018|Health Tips|

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

By | March 18th, 2018|Health Tips|

 You could be at a risk of vitamin D deficiency if you: Remain indoor most of the time Do not eat fish Have dark skin Are older than 50 Are overweight or obese Live in northern home Have undergone gastric bypass surgery Have milk allergy or lactose intolerance Have Celiac disease Have Crohn’s disease Have [...]

Dry Eyes can be a Symptom of Thyroid Disorders

By | March 16th, 2018|Blog|

Eye diseases or eye issues are common in people with thyroid disorders. In some cases, eye disease may even be the first sign of thyroid disorder. Individuals with a thyroid disorder have several other symptoms though. However, if you have dry eyes, pain in eyes, burning sensation, itching, soreness or gritty feeling, it would be [...]

Do You Know Sunlight Keeps You Healthy?

By | March 14th, 2018|Blog|

If you don’t get proper sunlight on a regular basis, then your chances of getting lung, prostate, colon, bone and breast disease increases. In addition, you may be at a higher risk of getting life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Susceptibility to all these health conditions may be [...]